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Robot cells

Compact, safe and easy to use

Machinerie Luc Schryburt has been selling efficient welding robots and manufacturing all the elements that can be integrated into them since 1995. The company is also the only Quebec company to have been part of the robotic component integrator market for so many years! Among these advanced technological components, the robotic cell is suitable for different types of welding robots, workshops and factories. The robot cells manufactured by Machinerie Luc Schryburt are compact, safe and easy to use.

Protective cage

Acting like a protective cage, the robotic cell is made of the same hardware from which the robot is made and the software that controls it. It includes the power supply system, control system, manipulator, effectors and tools that interact with the welding robots. Thanks to Luc Schryburt’s robots cells, automated welding equipment operate simply and synchronize maneuvers to perfection.

Secure environment

The operator of the robot cell works in a secure environment that increases productivity and easily allows repeatability. The operator and robot welder work together, so to speak, to achieve strong welds in record time.

Our automation solutions including the robotic cell and the robotic welder are reliable, innovative and generate an excellent return on investment.