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Power Sources welders

Daihen OTC

Versatile and powerful

Several models of Power Source welders are available at Machinerie Luc Schryburt. Suitable for different welding situations, Power Source welders all have the quality required for large industrial jobs. Versatile, they can be used with low or high current and inevitably produce great resistant welds.

The arc stability of the Power Source welders that you can purchase from Machinerie Luc Schryburt is incredible. Whether you are welding steel, stainless steel or aluminum, the arc stability imparted by Power Source welders will be rock-solid. Metal of different thickness can be welded using these, thickness greater than those permitted with resistance welding.

Some of the Power Source welder models may be equipped with a system that minimizes spatter. Either of them can run on electric current from 350 to 500 amps, if need be. The amperage is even adjusted in real time when the welder is in action!

Daihen Power Source welders are powerful and offer several weld modes and styles. Machinerie Luc Schryburt is the only Quebec company to distribute them. Learn more about these powerful Power Source welders by calling us now!