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Robot rails

Eliminate downtime

Machinerie Luc Schryburt not only supplies cutting-edge welding robots, but also the rails on which they can move. The rails manufactured at Machinerie Luc Schryburt come in various sizes, ranging from 6 to 50 feet and can even be custom designed according to your specific requests.

Maximize space

Rail-mounted robots use less floor space than static welding robots, freeing up a considerable amount of floor space for other work. They also achieve rare welding precision and ensure continuous stability.

Easy to maintain, Machinerie Luc Schryburt robots rails come in three types:

  • Ground rails
  • Rails on the wall
  • Ceiling tracks (also called “overhead tracks”).

These three types of robot rails provide remarkable speed gains and reduce or even eliminate downtime. Thanks to a robot-rail welder, you will therefore optimize the production flow of your company, in addition to significantly improving its efficiency.


At Machinerie Luc Schyburt, we can also synchronize the welding robots and the rails. Synchromotion is one of the specialties for which we are recognized. Interested in finally using a robot rail welder? Call us now!

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