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Camera vision system

Advanced welding & robotic systems

Advanced welding & robotic systems (Vision / camera)

What we mean by vision / camera is the principle of locating deviations. Some cameras can even adjust the deviations, meanwhile others detect openings to adjust them if needed. The options can be combined to have an improvement of the camera according to the desired job. It is useful when it is difficult to weld in precise places and the robot always needs to be adjusted. This removes the loss of time related to this problem and then optimizes the welding. It is important to understand that all cameras are of the same brand as the robots to make them work together in perfect sync.

To get the robotic sensor system, we only need to program the robot. An initial program must be implemented, then a new program is taught which modifies the system for better welding. Several options can be used to enable this detection. For example, the FD-AR which allows detection of the path through the weld arc. And above all, the FD-QT sensor for tracking the weld path with laser, and much more.

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Sensor Selection Guide

All the cameras are of the same brand as the robots which simplifies the use!
There are cameras for localization and others to adjust the deviations in addition to localizing. Then, there are cameras that localize, detect deviations and openings and then adapt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a robotic sensor?

A robotic sensor is a system that detects variations in parts and compensates for the variation by shifting the
robotic programs.

When is it effective and/or applicable?

A sensor is effective when it is difficult to keep programmed points in consistent locations and there are part
accuracy problems requiring the operator to frequently adjust taught robot points. When this occurs, sensors
can be used to automatically shift the welding points.
Note: Sensors cannot create teaching programs – it can only shift the current programs. Teaching an initial
program is always required.

How can we determine which sensor is best?

DAIHEN can provide various types of sensors for almost any situation. Please refer to the chart below to find
the best sensor for your application.