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Welbee-OTC series welders

soudeuse, série wellbee, OTC-daihen

Innovative and complete

The Welbee series from OTC Daihen is the latest series of Power Source welders from the manufacturer. Innovative and complete, the Welbee series offers welders of the highest technology.

Machinerie Luc Schryburt distributes all models of welding machines in the Welbee series and integrates them into its robots. We supply all of the equipment needed for robotic arc welding, including various components that we can custom fabricate and blend into welding robots.

OTC Daihen’s Welbee series welders are versatile, provide exceptional arc stability and produce clean, precise and uniform welds. They weld aluminum, steel and stainless steel parts of all sizes with minimal operator movement. Fully automated, the Welbee series welders reduce the costs of welding and using expensive gas mixtures.

Some models of Welbee series welders are designed to significantly minimize spatter over the entire current range. Others have the distinct advantage of producing very high quality impulse welding, even when welding quickly. Each, without a doubt, delivers unmatched top performance. In short, among Machinerie Luc Schryburt’s range of welders, you will find the Welbee you need! Contact us!